2 thoughts on “{Vlog} Do I Really Need To Tithe 10%?

  1. Why when you talk about tithing you interpret it literally but when it comes to 1Corinthians 14, vs 34 and 35 you interpret as something different, it says women are to be silent in the church ,and if they need to they should ask their husbands to ask for then.

    1. The scriptures that refer to women being silent when the church is gathered is referring to them asking questions to there husbands during the time gathered, disrupting the order. Elsewhere in the new testament women are encouraged to pray and prophesy when the church is gathered – obviously they can’t pray or prophesy and be silent at the same time. They are also encouraged to sing, which is not silence. There is a context to 1 Cor. 14, which is specific and not a general rule to be silent at all times for women.
      Interpretation is about understanding the context and how the rest of scripture confirms that interpretation, since scripture does not contradict.

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