Pinewoods was established in 1961 in the tradition of the Christian Brethren movement, also know as Plymouth Brethren. The first pastor was a man by the name of Wallace Cudmore. Mr. Cudmore was the founding force behind the Chapel in the early days. He had a strong passion for evangelism, which lead to the Chapel’s first addition in 1965.

In the early seventies another pastor came to be a part of the church’s ministry. Roger Gurnett came essentially as a self supporting minister offering his gifts of leadership to the fellowship. He identified a need for a greater teaching ministry to the body of believers at Pinewoods.

In 1991 Frank Robertson was called to lead Pinewoods as pastor. Frank had grown up in the church and had strong family connections with the church and community. During Frank’s time at Pinewoods he desired to see people built up in their faith for works of service, so that the saints would become mature in Christ.

In 2005 Dana Brown was called to pastor Pinewoods. Dana also had a strong family tie with Pinewoods. Dana had grown up in the area and had been the Youth pastor before being called out west to serve in pastoral ministry. With his return to Pinewoods in 2005, Dana brought a wealth of ministry experience to Pinewoods. During his time at Pinewoods, he helped introduce many new technological advances helping facilitate ministry at Pinewoods.

In 2007 the Pinewoods elders called Chris Atkinson to pastor and lead the congregation. Chris has brought a passion for communicating God’s Word and enthusiasm for the future.

In 2008, the Pinewoods Elders called Andrew Robertson to be associate pastor with duties covering youth, children, worship, and administrative needs.

In fall 2009, the church purchased an 8.4 acre property located at Line 5 and Highway 90 in Angus to accommodate growth the church has had over the last number of years. The current church facility is being looked at and the leadership will decide when to put it on the market and to make all the plans to move into a new facility.

Since 2012, Pinewoods Chapel has been meeting at Angus Morrison Elementary School after selling our building in early spring 2012. Work has continued on the development of the new property and we are hoping to begin building soon. We are looking forward to having a building that is highly accessible to the community of Angus.

In 2015, we were excited to break ground on our new property. God has blown us away with His blessings in the provision of funds for each step of the process.  We completed the preparation of the property, and hope to begin building in the Spring of 2016!